About R&B MFG. Customized Inclinometers

R&B Mfg. Inc. was incorporated in 1996 as a source of inclinometers for use by Equipment Manufacturers who needed more than a stock, off the shelf inclinometer that did not fit their requirements completely. We specialize in custom inclinometers or clinometers designed for specific types of equipment.


We make the inclinometers for many of the US largest Equipment Manufacturers. Including the US military, Forestry Service, Highway Departments, and hundreds more. If you see an inclinometer on a piece of construction equipment, material handler, tractor, or truck, chances are we made it. Our reputation speaks for itself. We also carry a full line of stock inclinometers that can be customized to better fit specific applications. We offer inclinometers that read in degrees, percent, and grade to one. You can get our inclinometers with your company name, logo, or special cautionary text on the label. Numerous mounting options are available. Special color coding of the readout numbers or tube background colors are available. We also can design your inclinometer from initial drawing, to mold, to finished product, all in house. And, we can do all of this for less than our competition. Let us bid your inclinometer needs. Then you decide. When you are ready for the best inclinometer, backed by the best customer service, just give us a call.

General uses for Inclinometers are: Boom Trucks, material handlers, rough terrain fork lifts, bucket trucks, dozers, graders, scrapers, fire trucks, military trucks, utility trucks, medical equipment, tractors, combines, mowing equipment, snow removal equipment, power pole installation trucks, man lifts, and hundreds of other types of machinery and equipment.

Contact Us
R&B Manufacturing, Inc.
Phone: 816-587-9814
Fax is: 816-587-4294
E-mail: RandBMfgInc@att.net

R&B Mfg. Inc.
4948 N.W. High Dr.
Riverside Mo. 64150



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